1. Introduction to Hair Porosity
  2. A Lo-Po’s BFF and Frenemy
  3. Lo-Po’s BFF I: Baking Soda
  4. Lo-Po’s Frenemy I: Aloe Vera
  5. My Regimen
  6. Lo-Po’s BFF: Healthy Heat
  7. Calling All Low Porosity Beauties (be featured)
  8. Lo-po’s BFF: Rhassoul Clay Mud Wash
  9. LoPo’s Frenemies: Kimmaytube Leave-In, cold water/vinegar rinses and heavy oils
  10. Wanted! Your product reviews or hair stories!
  11. Reader Question: Bentonite Clay
  12. Moisturizing Tips
  13. Reader Review: Ouidad
  14. Castor Oil and Lo-Po Hair
  15. Reader Review: Curl Assurance
  16. Cheap Effective Drug Store Conditioners
  17. Oil Rinsing and Lo-Po Hair
  18. Oil Rinsing Results w/ Pics
  19. Round 2: Oil Rinsing
  20. Round 2: Oil Rinsing Update
  21. Reverse Oil Rinsing
  22. Summer Beach Curls and Reverse Oil Rinsing
  23. End of Oil Rinsing
  24. Reverse Oil Rinsing I Can’t Quit You
  25. Return of the braid out
  26. My Hair Story
  27. Long time, no see
  28. Updated Fall/Winter Hair Regimen
  29. Night-time Regimen
  30. Product Review: Dabur Vatika Fall Out Control
  31. Do you DIY?
  32. To Henna or Not to Henna?
  33. Feminine Fall Braid on Natural Hair
  34. Twists
  35. 5 Tips for Creating a Healthy Hair Regimen
  36. My Mommy Went Natural
  37. Would love your thoughts
  38. 1 week old twist out
  39. DIY: Moisturizing Winter Lotion Bars
  40. Protective Style: Milkmaid Braid
  41. Mom Hair
  42. Mom hair quickie: Bantu NOT!
  43. 2013 Highlights
  44. NYE: Curlformers + Solo Parents
  45. Hair Interview: My Mom
  46. My Breasts Are Under Siege
  47. Follow-up: My Mom’s Porosity
  48. New Mom Regimen
  49. Curl Formers and Buns
  50. Face Talk
  51. Kitchen Chemist: Low Porosity Castile Shampoo
  52. Give Away: Low Porosity Products
  53. Homemade castile soap review
  54. Real talk: Beauty
  55. Rhassoul Clay 1st Love
  56. Low Porosity Hair Care Giveaway!
  57. Curly Nikki Wash Method
  58. Color And Lo-po Hair: BFFs?
  59. *drumroll… and the winner is…
  60. Blowout beach waves
  61. Who snatched my edges though?
  62. Real Talk II: Stretch Marks
  63. Shiny Beach Waves
  64. Mullet to Bob: How to
  65. Cure for Dry Ends
  66. Top 5 New Parent Pet Peeves
  67. Mud Slinging Spa Day
  68. Super Moisturizing Hair Cocktail
  69. Funniest Coily Hair Moments
  70. Dabney’s Hair Story
  71. A blessing in disguise!
  72. Hair Aisle Junky
  73. Oh Hello Again
  74. Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage Review
  75. Keep Calm, Stay Hydrated
  76. Oil Rinsing and Shopping in My Medicine Cabinet
  77. How to Not Get Enough Sleep
  78. Home sweet home
  79. Straight hair
  80. Summer Product Haul/Review
  81. Day 4 Curls Goddess Gel
  82. How My Hair Teaches Me To Love
  83. Back to B.A.S.I.C.S
  84. Keep the Content Rolling

2 thoughts on “Archives

  1. thanks for this…I was looking for info on lo-po hair…I have a question…what brand of rhassoul clay do u use? does the brand matter

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