Color And Lo-po Hair: BFFs?

Thinking about coloring my hair, but am afraid of damage? At the same time, I think my low porosity hair might benefit from color more than someone with high porosity hair. Note: I’m not advising you to bleach or dye it a new color every week or even color it. This is just my crazy obsession at the moment. For some reason, I’m thinking a gentle semi-permanent or permanent dark color might result in moisturized hair, granted I take appropriate steps (condition, condition, deep condition).

I’ve been toying with the idea for the past few months of dying my hair medium brown or a dark reddish brown. My hair is already in this family shade, but I’d like to have a more intense shade of brown.

I’ve been doing a little reading and from what I’ve read, permanent hair dye has an alkaline PH ranging from 8-9. Semi permanent 7 (neutral) – 8. Hair color that uses bleach is very alkaline, ranging from 9 – 11. This makes sense, because in order for hair to accept color, the cuticles must be lifted. Since semi permanents have less need to penetrate the hair shaft (I.e. temporary color that fades with washes), the PH is neutral to slightly alkaline.

My experience with color and natural hair:
Two summers ago, I highlighted my natural hair. It didn’t damage it and I was sure to deep condition on a regular basis. However, since I had honey brown highlights, I had to bleach my strands to get it lighter. Personally, I wouldn’t do it again. While it didn’t do any damage, my hair felt slightly drier and I had to give it lots of TLC.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m sitting here toying with the idea of color…. Well bleach is much harsher on the hair and has a very alkaline PH. I think it’s more drastic to go a lot lighter than your hair color, rather within your color family or go darker.

I’m thinking if I do a medium brown or black…I’ll use lots of conditioner and deep (heat) conditioning during the application, to let moisture in and help the color take. Specifically, apply color and give it time to take then add a cone-free moisturizing conditioner on top of the dye letting it sit a bit, rinse, then deep condition with heat.

I noticed my highlights can sometimes look frizzy, which I enjoy in summer, as it gives a sun dyed, beach bum kind of vibe. However, I’m thinking a deep brown should impart shine. As, low porosity hair, when properly moisturized, is often very healthy and shiny. It’s particularly shiny when it’s a dark color. (Ref:

So if and when I take the plunge, I’ll be sure to keep you updated. I definitely need to do more research first though.

Any readers have recommendations for gentle color systems? Ever dye your hair, if so what color? What was your experience? Have I gone cray cray lol!? Sound off in the comments section.





9 thoughts on “Color And Lo-po Hair: BFFs?

  1. I’m terrified of color. I’m chicken lol I am afraid of damage. I wouldn’t mind trying henna. I want to see what other low porosity naturals have to say as well. I’m curious how their hair did with color.

  2. I”ve been thinking of colouring my hair too but I’m scared of damaging it. I’ve been looking at ‘natural’ dyes like rhubarb root and cinnamon which apparently are gentle and subtle but I think I want to do a bit more research before I take the plunge.

  3. Hi Lo-Po Lovelies,
    I just did a henna gloss Friday and my hair is FABULOUSLY shiny and super-duper soft. I used one packet of henna mixed with diluted lemon juice and 1.5 cups of Aussie conditioner (blue bottle). I left the henna gloss in for 5 hours, rinsed, and my hair came out super soft and strong. This was my second henna gloss. The first time I used Tresseme Naturals conditioner and my hair did not come out as moisturized as I would have like, I am sure it was the conditioner I used as the henna was the same. After doing the gloss, I follow-up with a reverse oil rinse using Brown Butter Beauty’s DC treatment. FABULOUS!!!

    • Love aussie moist. You have me very curious regarding the henna gloss. I don’t think I’ll ever do a full on treatment, as mentioned in previous posts… Maybe a gloss and sitting under a dryer would be beneficial…

      • If you use Aussie moist as the conditioner in your henna gloss, you will become hooked. I may sit under the dryer for my next session – although I do not know if I can sit still that long.

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