Rhassoul Clay 1st love

Happy Valentine’s Day readers!

I know it’s a Hallmark holiday, but I just love love. So anything that celebrates friendship, love and happiness is all good by my standards! It’s also a special day for me, because my husband I married 6 years ago from today on Valentine’s day.

Speaking of love, why do I always go astray from my first lo-po love rhassoul clay?? I keep trying to find something that rivals it as a moisturizing cleanser, but nothing does.

After my flop with my homemade castile shampoo last week. This week it was back to my beloved rhassoul clay. Oh and how lovely it was to reunite. My hair felt soft, clean and my curls were bouncy and breathed new life. The only downside, which I didn’t miss was the dirt slinging all over my shower. It’s quick to wash down, but it would be nice to have a slightly less messy version (…still working on a formula).

Any way, for now I’ll stick to rhassoul for my weekly cleanser and Giovanni Triple Tea Tree Shampoo as my monthly clarifier. It’s not drying and is pretty effective.
After applying my mud wash I decided to put my hair in Curlformers (per usual). I’m getting a lot faster at installing them and as usual I let them dry under my hooded dryer to cut down on drying time.

What products are you loving these days? Any plans for V-day? I’d love to hear about them.





13 thoughts on “Rhassoul Clay 1st love

  1. Man! You have me curious about the Rhassoul clay now! Lol I think I may order some soon! Happy Anniversary! That’s cool that you got married on Valentine’s Day! 🙂

      • I bought bentonite clay from mountainroseherbs.com and haven’t used it yet. I will order the rhoussal clay and make a resolution to try both clays for this new year.

  2. Very pretty hair style! So, I’m still on a Day 1 of discovering your lovely lo-po blog and I was so sad that I didn’t have any rhassoul clay in the house, though I have a tiny mountainside of bentonite! Well, lucky me as I have small stash of rhassoul clay “Anita Grant Copycat” bars in the house by Cream & Coco and Natural Divas Rock. I chose the CC, which is “Raspberry Ganache Deep Conditioner Truffle” and smells sooo amazing. I used 3 with organic coconut milk using the double boiler method. I loved it (though as a lo-po newbie, I’m not sure if the coco milk is okay).

    I love my hair! Though I liked the bentonite clay hair masque a lot, my hair wasn’t as soft and detangled as with the rhassoul clay.

    I hope to blog my review soon.

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