Oil Rinsing Results w/ Pics

Two days ago I tried oil rinsing my hair. I’m back to report findings on days 1 & 2.
My hair feels remarkably soft and moisturized, not at all as oily, as I feared. It’s very fluffy and tangle-free and feels really strong. I’ll oil rinse for another month to see if this continues. Very excited with the immediate results that I’ve experienced.




Day 3, still doing well. Will probably moisturize it a little tonight.

Day 5
My hair was a bit frizzy and dry by day 5, so moisturizing was very necessary. I don’t mind a little frizz but can’t stand dry hair. Typically, I don’t have to moisturize so much. Either it’s that the effects of oil rinsing are strongest for about 3-4 days or it’s due to the dry, warm weather.


Day 6
My hair is screaming for a wash! I plan on doing so tonight or tomorrow night. I’ll try oil rinsing again, this time I’ll deep condition once I apply the conditioner.

Apologies for the boring hair style, I’m not very creative in that department.:)




5 thoughts on “Oil Rinsing Results w/ Pics

  1. I will try it. I’m going to use safflower oil (organic) since my hair abhors evoo. By the by, I enjoy reading your website (saved me from continuing agony what to do with my lo-po, 5z, rebellious hair. 🙂

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