Straight Hair

Got my hair done! I will post more on the experience later. Let me just say it felt so nice having someone else do my hair!! Yay!



13 thoughts on “Straight Hair

  1. I need to get a haircut. I’m putting it in a ponytail, and it doesn’t really even fit in one, and it’s a bad sign and making me feel bad. I should take a tip from you.

    • Go! You deserve it. It felt therapeutic, chatting with the stylist, getting my head massaged. Loved every moment. I felt renewed with energy after! Do it, do it!

  2. Your hair always looks so cool. I’m always so envious!

    Um, not related but I was wondering if I could ask you to venture an opinion on something. I’ve been prescribed some horribly drying medicated shampoo (heavy duty T-Gel) which makes me hair so, so frizzy. Any tips on counteracting this effect? I suspect, like all hair quandries that there is no magic bullet for this, but just thought I’d ask anyway in case you had a trick up your sleeve!

    • Hi! Thank you! It doesn’t always look good, trust me. So your shampoo sounds like a shampoo I was prescribed once. It is pretty drying. I tried applying it to my scalp and leaving it on my ends prior to applying it. You could even detangle prior to applying it so that your hair doesn’t shrink up and get tangled. Deep conditioner would definitely be helpful when using that shampoo– it’s effective, but probably very stripping. Thanks for stopping by!

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