Return of the braid out

Quick post. I haven’t done a braid out in almost a year, but did one today and I really like the results. This is going to be one of my to-go-to styles, again.

On another note, my new: “start a fire condition application, reverse oil rinsing DCs, and sitting under my hooded dryer” hair regimen is here to stay! Last week my style lasted 7 days and only needing to be moisturized once! That’s a win in my book.

Do you prefer braid or twist outs?



PS – I can’t wait for the sides of my hair to catch up to the back!!! It’s so mullet-esque! Lol!


4 thoughts on “Return of the braid out

  1. I love twist outs on most naturals and even some relaxed hair I see but on my own hair I prefer braid out. This is because it looks more defined and more stretched on my type (4c) of hair. Also, I love the curl pattern of a braid out on my hair better.

    • Hi! I like both twists and braids, although twists are slightly faster to do. However, I too I prefer the curl definition achieved with braid outs. They seem to stretch the hair more than twist outs as well.

  2. I’m definitely liking the reverse oil rinsing too! Great post. Are you rinsing with warm to hot water or sometimes with cold water? Thanks!

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