Reverse Oil Rinsing I Can’t Quit You

Hi Everyone,

I’m back from a beautiful holiday in France. It was a much-needed relaxing and fun getaway. I just thought I’d report back on my hair during my trip.

To keep it short and sweet – it was frizzy and dry. This was really disappointing, because I didn’t oil rinse on my vacation and the weather was more humid than the environment I live in. I thought this would be beneficial to my curls… I spent most of my time with my hair pinned up in a bun, my to-go-to style when my hair doesn’t want to cooperate.

In any case, as soon as I returned I decided to give myself a nice deep conditioning treatment. I washed my hair with a light shampoo, as I’m out of rhassoul clay. I then applied Suave’s Almond and Shea Conditioner. On top of that I applied a small amount of Vatika oil to each section of my hair. Next, I covered my hair with a plastic cap and sat under my hooded dryer and read for 40 minutes. Hopped back in the shower, rinsed, conditioned with Tressemme Naturals and detangled under running water. My hair felt more moisturized and soft after that. Finally, I applied my leave-in of choice, KCKT and a little gel, twisted my hair (about 12 twists) and sat under my hooded dryer for 45 minutes. The results: a shiny soft twist out. I snapped a pic of my hair this morning (note: This is Day 2 hair not day 1). I’m still really happy with how shiny and soft it feels on day 2.

I know some of you may be giving me the side eye and thinking “is this chic still on that oil rinsing kick after she just said she was done two weeks ago??!”. Well, the answer is yes. I don’t want to cut this from my regimen entirely, but am just trying to find a happy balance. I also want to note some changes I made in the way I apply products and style my hair:

  1. When I apply conditioner, I rub each section of my hair between my hands. Think when you’re cold and you put your hands in front of a fire and rub them together for instant warmth. What I think this does: Warms up the conditioner on my strands, provides a strong cleaning action, helps get my cuticles to open.
  2. After styling my hair, I will avoid air drying. When I air dry the look is great the first day and then just average/okay the days to follow. Now, I sit under my hooded dryer with the heat on low for about 45 minutes to an hour. What I think this does: sets the style, which allows for a longer hold and shine, the warm air helps the leave-in penetrate my hair. In addition, this allows my scalp to dry, which reduces risk of bacterial/fungal growth on the scalp. I don’t think sleeping with damp hair, particularly covered damp hair, is particularly healthy for scalp health.

These are two changes that I have made to my hair regimen. Today, on day 2, my hair is just as shiny and moisturized as it was on day 1.

Moral of the post. I’m not quite done with reverse oil rinsing, in combination with my two new regimen changes, it seems to still offer something.

Update: My hair still feels as moisturized on days 4 and 5 as it did on day 1.  I like the results of lightly blowdrying my twists.

What do you think? Have you ever blow dried your twists?

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  • My hair story
  • My nighttime regimen
  • Why I don’t henna
  • Suggestions…?

11 thoughts on “Reverse Oil Rinsing I Can’t Quit You

  1. This is slightly off topic but how did you get that shade of color? Is it hennaed? I ask because I’m looking at henna but don’t want a red or orange hue, I want a nice warm brown or copper/bronze-ish hue. And I like the highlights in your hair. Would you mind terribly telling me how you achieved your highlight color?

    Your hair has a nice shine by the way, the oil rinsing is a good look and I bet it makes your hair feel even better. I tried oil rinsing on my niece’s hair and the results were very good. I have to try it myself now…

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. I got highlights last summer. The stylist tried to use a gentle system. I don’t henna since I have low porosity hair. I thought highlights rather than coloring my entire head would be a nice change. I’m not sure of the brand or color, but it’s a honey brown shade.

      Let me know if you like reverse oil rinsing.

  2. Hey Annabel. Glad you had a great hol, and so sorry that your hair can’t say the same! 😦 I hadn’t intended to comment just yet, because I’m doing another re-trial of Oil rinsing myself (yep after all I wrote you the last time). But I became SO fed up with my frizzy hair, that I did some digging and delving, and realised where I went wrong the last time with it nearly two years ago! (Hence the reason why I am SO glad I’ve made it a habit to record when I put new things on my hair and the results) But I’ll tell you more about that at the end of my trial. Anyway, I think where you’re going wrong, is there is no humectant in your KCKT leave-in, ie: agave nectar, honey, glycerine to keep the moisture in your hair. And when the water evaporates, you’re just left with oil, as in the past you didn’t use a sealant either if I remember rightly. So your gel probably has got glycerin in it, hence the softness etc. or silicones to trap the water. Please let me know…. Gina.

    • Hi, thx for your insight! I can only use humectants during summer bc I live in dry, arid conditions. I try to add them to my deep conditioner. I use a flax gel or gel that doesn’t have silicones. Unfortunately all over sealing really doesn’t work for me. My hair seems to respond to reverse oil rinsing. I’ll report back tomorrow and see if I’m still experiencing good results on day 3. If the dewpoint is high enough during the next wash day I’ll take your advice and add a little glycerin to my KCKT. Let me know how your trial with OR works out. 😊

  3. I really appreciate you sharing your journey. I too am a LP sister and struggling to find what works. I will try your two newfound tips as they make perfect sense and may be the culprit of why I have an unconsolable itchy scalp. Also curious to know your thoughts on henna and LP hair. I have just purchased and was planning to apply to cover my gray. Thanks and keep the posts coming!!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Reverse oil rinsing is something I’m testing out, as you’ll see from my regimen I haven’t added it there yet. Still figuring it out.

      As far as henna, I can’t speak for everyone, but for myself I’ll probably never henna. The reason being is that:
      It’s permanent and it coats the hair shaft and fills in gaps in the cuticle. For my low porosity hair, i’d be too afraid that it would block out moisture.

      Since I’ve never tried it, perhaps some other lo-po readers would like to sound in on their henna experiences?
      I will be doing a post on henna, it’s properties and going into detail as to why it’s not part of my regimen.
      Hope that helps!

  4. Thanx for the insight including oil rinsing into my regime might definately do something for my low-po hair.Right after shampooing when you add conditioner to your hair right before the oil,is it a deep conditioner?

    • Hello, you put the oil directly on top of the conditioner. If you want to sit under a hooded dryer then it’s a deep conditioner. If not, probably more like a conditioning treatment. Hope you like it!

  5. Very nice. Your hair looks similar to mine…but healthier. I need a hooded drier as I like all that you stated in your post. Any recommendations?

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