Feminine Fall Braid on Natural Hair

Did a little experimenting with my hair on an old twist out and actually kind of like it. This look is perfect for fall days. I left a little hair out to frame my face and completed the braid by using large sections of hair. I think this kind of style works best on an old stretched out style.

I’m thinking this just will also be my hospital style, pulled back and low maintenance.

photo 2(6)photo 3(3)photo 1(6)

What are your favorite fall styles?


3 thoughts on “Feminine Fall Braid on Natural Hair

  1. Very cute girl, gotta try when my hair is a bit longer. My fav styles are twists, easy to maintain, protects hair and your can wear spice the look up even more with cute accessories. Thansk for the post doll.

  2. I can’t braid to save my life! lol I’m braid challenged. My favorite style during any season is twists. It takes hours to install but they last me the whole week, which I love with 2 children under the age of 3. 🙂

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