A blessing in disguise!

I receive so many emails and comments from readers that sound a little like this:

“Help, I have low porosity hair!” “Ugh, I’m about to relax or texlax this situation, because this low porosity hair is no joke” “My hair is dry and dead, because it’s low porosity” “My hair will never grow, because it’s low porosity”

I would like to say to everyone lamenting over their low porosity hair, you should be celebrating.

  • You have beautiful, healthy and low to no damage hair. Next to normal porosity, low porosity hair is considered very healthy, because once it receives the necessary moisture, it thrives and retains the moisture.
  • Low porosity hair that is well moisturized glows and shines.
  • Once you figure out what works for your hair, it will grow to great lengths and look healthy

You should consider this hair as a blessing. It might not be where you want it to be now. However, once you give your low porosity hair the key ingredients, regimen and environment that it needs. It will thrive and it will shine like a star. The key is just application and patience.

Don’t worry, it will grow as well. For inspiration see vloggers: https://www.youtube.com/user/denimpixie and https://www.youtube.com/user/aliciajamesmusic

Next time you think about getting a relaxer or texlaxer, because you’re tired of your low porosity hair. Just remember, low porosity hair takes longer to process than normal or high porosity and it’s more difficult to process. While possible, this might not be considered an easy solution.

So with that being said, embrace your lo-po hair and let’s keep finding ways to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Were you excited or disappointed when you found out you had low porosity hair?

12 thoughts on “A blessing in disguise!

  1. Low po hair is a gift to me. My sister has high po hair and struggles to seal in moisture. I can moisturize once a week and my hair will hold it. But I would warn other lo po ladies while your hair can stand up to some big challenges unlike other types once it is damaged it is dead–there is no bounce back

  2. Well said doll, have low porosity hair myself and my first year was a bit tough but grew into her, would not trade or change her for anything in the world!!! Just takes time for you to learn what does and does not work, patience dears, easier said than one but true.

  3. Dear Annabel, I just want to say thank you SO much for this post. You’ve cheered me up no end. I’ve been natural for just over 3yrs, and definitely don’t have 18inches to show for it! My hair was being killed by Shea Butter for nearly 2yrs, and was constantly like straw, so I had no choice but to keep cutting it. My friends however couldn’t understand why! I kept trying to explain to them, that like a plant that hasn’t been watered for months, if you suddenly start watering it, the dead brown leaves won’t suddenly resurrect themselves, but you have to cut them off and start again. But they were’nt buying it 😦 Anyway, that said, I have since discovered that the LOC method works wonderfully for me, and as you said with awesome shine 🙂 It’s in braids at the moment, and i CAN’T WAIT to take them out in a few weeks, and see my beautiful Bella again, and touch my SOFT coils, which I didn’t have for 2years plus. (Thankfully, she grows very fast!) So, thank you SO much again for the encouragement. You’re an inspiration! And please kiss baby blue eyes me 🙂

    • Hi Dear! Thanks so much for your lovely compliments. I’m so happy to hear your regimen is working for you and not against you. Love the plant metaphor, it’s so true! What kind of braids do you have? Enjoy your hair! I think baby boy is so tired of me kissing his chubby cheeks lol! He starting to swat me away already (thought that happened at 5 years not 5 months)!

      • 🙂 I have nice thick chunky plaits in. Not quite box braids, but not far off. And as for enjoying my hair, I saw a man with similar coily hair to mine today, that just made me so tempted to want to talke my plaits out already. But I’ve set my takedown date and shall stick to it! As for the litte one, so sorry you’re being swatted ALREADY!! I guess boys will be boys aye….. ;-D

  4. It is a gift now that I know how to work with it. I see so many women struggle with how to keep moisture in their hair, and mine can stay damp all day. It was a struggle at first though. I’m glad porosity is a hair characteristic that people are paying more attention to.

  5. lol what a coincidence I ran into your blog again. I was THIS close to getting a texturizer/texlax like I’ve been doing research non stop for the past week. I remember coming across your blog before and having an ah-ha moment so to come across this again – and see that quote “Ugh, I’m about to relax or texlax this situation, because this low porosity hair is no joke” it really hit me. I’m gonna keep trying to figure this thing out thank you for this post

    • Aw, thank you so much for your comment. I am so happy to help and hope that you will keep at it, because it is so worth it! Low porosity hair is healthy hair. Sometimes it just takes a a few regimen tweaks and a little experimenting to unveil it. Have a great week!

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