Round 2: Oil Rinsing

Yesterday I washed my hair. I can never go longer than a week without washing and wash day always feels like a giant exhale to me. #hairwasonitslastleg

As previously done, I separated my hair into 4 sections. Shampooed. Applied my oil of choice, coconut oil. Applied conditioner and rinsed under very warm water. Conditioned again and detangled, plastic cap, 30 min deep condition. Rinsed.

First, coconut oil has never done anything for my hair, so I usually use it on my skin. This time around, using it as an oil rinse yielded amazing results. Did I notice a difference this time around? I kind of think my hair felt even softer than last week, when I used EVOO. However, I did do a DC with the oil and conditioner in my hair so that could have been why my hair felt softer. Coconut is known to be one of the few hair oils that can penetrate the hair shaft… So maybe its healing and moisturizing properties are stronger.

My hair still felt like straw when I applied the oil. It’s surprising how soft it gets after that second condition.

After my deep conditioner I rinsed my hair, leaving a small amount of conditioner (Tresseme Naturals) in my hair. Applied KCNT and a small amount of gel, then put my hair in about 12 medium-large twists to achieve a fluffier look and save time. Ain’t nobody got time for long wash day sessions. Especially when preggo with my first, there’s only so much energy I can devote. I can only imagine how challenging it will be after the baby arrives.

So there you have it, right now I’m still a fan of OR. I hope by using a little conditioner a la Curly Girl Method, my hair will stay moisturized longer than last time. Last time, I was reaching for the KCKT on days 3 and 5.

Speaking of Curly Girl, tried it in the past and it never worked for me. Anyone else ever experiment with the curly girl method?

Have a good weekend!



4 thoughts on “Round 2: Oil Rinsing

  1. I love your blog and I check it everyday for updates, am a lurker but I just had to CONGRAGULATE you on your pregnancy. OMG CONGRAGULATIONS!!! I wish you health and peace throughout your pregnacy for you and your family, and may God bless you and your family with a healthy baby and all those blessings your desire. Amen.

    ok, back to hair, I tried oil rinsing actually on Tuesday when you gave an update. I oil rinsed with Amla, my curls were popping, my hair was moisturized, but only for like 2 days, now my hair is abit dry, so am wondering if the oil that made my hair moist or water??

    • Aw, thank you so much that is really thoughtful. Blessings to you and your family as well! It’s a very exciting time for me and my family.
      Yes, I’m still not 100% sold on oil rinsing, as I also experienced dry hair on day 3 and had to re-moisturize. I think if that happens again this time, after a couple of more trials I’ll throw in the towel. I tried leaving in extra conditioner this time… We’ll see. I’d love for it to work, bc I have all this extra oil in my medicine cabinets!
      Maybe it works better with biweekly washes… I’ll let you know how everything goes this week.
      Again thanks for your support, positive thoughts and well wishes!

  2. Dear Annabel, first and foremost, congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope everything goes well with you and your little one. Secondly, I will be honest and say that I winced when you said that you were going to try Oil Rinsing, but as everyones hair is different, i thought i’d wait and see how you get on before commenting. I tried it myself, and though my hair looked lovely at first, it was like straw the next day. I was then suddenly reminded of Audrey Davis-sivasothy words in her book The Science of Black Hair ‘If you use oils without a moisturiser or before one, the oil will deter moisture from entering the hair strand and lead to eventual dryness.’ (Pg 85). She’s not wrong! And as we low-porers have tightly closed strands anyway filling it up with oil is really not going to help. I’m no scientist, but that’s just my take on it. Please let me know what you think. And yeah, I’ve tried Curly Girl Methd too, and no go 😦 I really thought that it would have been ideal for my hair, so the quest for something to leave my lovely coils soft, shiny and moisturised (4 big chops and 2 years 5mths later) continues… :-/

    • Hi! Thanks for your wishes dear!
      You’re right, for me after day 3 my hair was pretty dry. It’s still feeling good today.
      I just had to give it a try after reading about it working for another lopo. If it dries out quickly this week, I’ll probably go back to my usual routine. I figured I’d be the guinea pig for readers before I give my consensus.

      I guess I’ll end up sticking to oil as a body moisturizer. 😃

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