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  3. In response to your Bantu attempt. I am not sure if the last picture was your Bantu’s or just how you put it up at night to create the bun the next day. If, however, it is your Bantu attempt then the issue is you are not twisting the knots enough. You should 1) twist your sectioned hair until it begins to twirl. 2) Once it begins to twirl you can then begin wrapping the hair around the base (the root end.) The hair will coil upward. If this does not happen you don’t have a bantu. It does take practice to get the coil and your own hand coordination/rhythm. Practice, once you get it it’s a quick and easy way to style or -“out” style. Good Luck

    • Yes that was my attempt at the Bantu knot in the last picture. Your tips are right on, I did none of the above– thanks so much, hoping for more success the next time!

  4. Hello, please I have a question for you; how do you tame your edges? I am stretching my relaxer date( for texlaxing) so I have new growth . I can’t seem to get my way around making my edges look neat.

      • Wow,Thanks for your quick reply. I have to get me Shea butter again (I used to load my hair with Shea butter till your blog showed me the light on LOW PO hair ) + I workout everyday will that be a problem?

      • Anytime, I don’t use a ton of Shea, but when my hair was relaxed, it cooperated more with Shea. Now I usually use a creamy or botanical gel to hold them down. If you opt for Shea, use a tiny amount. Also, some US bloggers race about a product called edge control, I think “Curls” makes it. So that’s an alternative if your hair is sensitive to pure Shea.

      • And everyday workouts, wow! Go girl! That’s excellent! If you sweat a lot, you can try a sweat band to absorb the sweat around the edges or wipe your edges with a little astringent (e.g. Witch hazel) post-workout reduce breakout, especially if you use Shea.

  5. 🙂 thanks annabel I will try and get sweat band and Shea butter. Will ACV ( *covers face*) do the trick as witch hazel. Witch hazel has been on my to-buy list for long, can’t find where to buy it in Nigeria.

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