2013 Highlights

Happy New Year Readers!! Looking back on 2013, I must say thank you too all for your thoughtful and interesting comments, for your informative input and for being apart of my blogging experience. 2013 was a big year for me with many ups and sometimes downs (but I always try to learn from the downs and focus on the ups). My top 4 highlights (saved the best for last):

I had a complete career change. In 2012 I had a job that made me miserable, it promised a big salary, but it was long hours and I saw my husband literally 2 hours a day before going to bed. I dreamed of starting a family and enjoying life a little more, so completely changed my career. I’m now making less as a teacher, but love the excitement and passion I have for what I do.

I started this blog out of frustration with my hair and discovering it was low porosity. I wanted to share little tricks and information I learned with others. I was content if my blog helped one person. However, I was overwhelmed when the comments poured in from several other lo-po readers and when over 100 people subscribed to my blog. I’m truly honored by it.

I had fun travel adventures to France. I’ll continue this with my family, because traveling opens my mind and eyes and makes me more aware of the world and all its beauty.

The biggest highlight of this year was the birth of my baby boy!!! I dreamed about him for those 9 months and now that I have him in my arms its truly a dream come true! Motherhood is very challenging, it’s a new role, with a very high learning curve that changes every day– but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love this little peanut so much my heart overflows with joy. At times I find myself waking up to watch him sleep and I’m still in disbelief that he’s mine!

What are some of your biggest highlights from 2013?

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