Super Moisturizing Hair Cocktail

The other day, my hair was on day 5 post wash. It was starting to look a little limp and dry. To refresh and keep it hydrated, I decided to give my hair a little face lift, using a special mix of ingredients that a reader recommended.

I put some water in a spray bottle, a little leave-in (Kinky Curly Knot Today) and a tiny amount of glycerin. I separated my hair in four sections and lightly sprayed each one with my special cocktail. The idea is to dampen the hair slightly, not to soak it. Especially since wanted to keep my definition. For more shine, I added Garnier Fructis Sleep Sleek and Shine (Freudian sleep slip, can’t believe I just wrote sleep accidentally twice, guess I’m not getting much of that these days). Anyway, next, I finger coiled each large section in the back and tuck my ends under the my hair and pinned each section. The two front sections, I placed in bantu knots. Finally I wrapped my hair in a satin scarf and finished getting ready while it “marinated”. After about 25 – 30 minutes, I took my hair down. It was touchably soft, shiny and had lots of volume.

So if you’re looking for a quick moisturizing tip before wash day rolls around, I highly recommend this method. How do you moisturize your hair post-wash day?


















6 thoughts on “Super Moisturizing Hair Cocktail

      • That’s the only way I apply KCKT, diluted with water. Works well for me. Would you mind sharing the other leave-ins that you use? Sharing is caring, especially for low porosity readers wanted more resources for leave-ins. Thanks Tiffany!

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