Protective Style: Milkmaid Braid

I keep having these nightmares that I’ll go into labor in the middle of doing my hair. I end up at the hospital with half done hair looking like a maniac. Crazy yes, but I’m well aware this baby will come when he wants to. I just hope to look somewhat sane when I meet him. For this reason, recently I’ve started stretching my styles for 2 weeks. I’m almost on day 14 since my twist session. My due date is Tuesday, so I feel better about my next two week stretch.

It’s been hard not to wash, I like my weekly sessions, but the last month of my pregnancy I’ve been a bit tired, so prefer to spend my time not doing my hair.

This is a simple style I found to get me through the last couple of days and keep my ends protected, a milkmaid braid. (Perhaps my birth style…)

This should be done on stretched dry hair. Just braid hair on one side, starting from the front, pin it when halfway done and do the same for the other side. You could leave out some loose hairs in the front to frame the face.


I’ve posted a couple of links with visual instructions. My hair is shorter than featured vloggers, but goes to show it’s possible to achieve a similar look:



6 thoughts on “Protective Style: Milkmaid Braid

  1. Your hair is gorgeous! I’ve become discouraged as I’m still trying to combat hair and scalp dryness. Looking into internal issues being the culprit now. As mentioned before I have low porosity, coarse texture and very fine strands. Any tips are appreciated.

    You’re in the final stretch now, your new bundle will be here before you know it.

    Thanks for your blog

    • What’s your regimen? I think looking internally first is a great start, if you feel you’ve tried a lot of solutions. My main tips are to keep your regimen simple and not to clog your scalp with products and let it breath.

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