Curl Formers and Buns

The title of this post pretty much sums up what I’ve done with my hair since the birth of my peanut.

I use Curlformers once or twice per month and once the curls fall, I transition into a bun or pony tail. That’s it. Pretty simple huh?

I love Curlformers and am still amazed at how straight they get the roots of my hair — it’s almost scary. I never let the Curlformers set air dry, because I don’t have all day to sit around looking like an octopus nor do I want to venture down the path of sleeping with them. Under my hooded dryer they take about  40 – 50 minutes to dry and since it’s not really direct heat, my hair still feels soft and healthy after I remove them. I do miss braid outs, so will probably be revisiting this style at some point, when I have the time.

My birthday is coming up this weekend, so I’d like to get a little fancy with my hair and pamper myself a little. What style would you recommend? How are you wearing your hair these days?

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