Oh Hello Again

I am behind on some posts. When I get a few free moments, I will try to blog a bit. I have two very exciting product reviews coming up– one product is a shampoo (can’t believe a shampoo gave me stellar results). Another post is on reverse dry deep conditioning cleanse (I.e. deep conditioning on dry hair, then mud washing). I have a post on hydration tips that I’m working on. Finally, I’m hoping to put together a low porosity survey that I’ll be asking readers to fill out. The goal is to catalogue lo-po hair characteristics and products that work for you. Looking forward to chatting with readers again!

In the meantime, I have a girl’s night out this weekend and am so excited– much needed!! I’m leaving the boys at home, they’ll enjoy some nice father-son time together.

Right now I’m sitting under the dryer letting my twists dry a bit. Can I just say that tonight my ends and twists were so moisturized after washing and conditioning my hair. The pic below was after washing my hair, my ends curled up nicely, a sign for me that their moisturized. I cannot wait to share my product review with you all!! I will be stocking up on this product this summer when I visit the States!!

Do you have any fun weekend plans?


12 thoughts on “Oh Hello Again

  1. Have fun!! Every mom needs one of those, IMO! 🙂 The suspense is killing me on this new product! Don’t have me waiting too long lol j/p

  2. Oh and btw, my fun weekend plan is a 4 year old’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Instead of all white parties I’m now going to kids parties on the weekend. Your day is coming! lol I wouldn’t trade it for the world though 🙂

    • Hehehe! Don’t sleep on Chucky Cheese, I remember the adults used to have as much fun as the kids there when I was growing up.
      I’ve been warned. And I’m sure I’ll love every moment of it when that day comes!

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