Updated Fall/Winter Hair Regimen

As the weather cools off, the air becomes drier and autumn days gradually turn into winter, my regimen also changes a bit with it.

After being without my beloved rhassoul clay for a little over a month, it’s finally back in my life and I must say, there is no other product out there that I love more (besides my Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Detangler).

For a thorough look at my current regimen, please see the page “My Regimen”. I’ll just give you a short overview of what I’m doing now.

Wash + detangle: Once per week: rhassoul clay mixture (distilled water, rhassoul, vinegar)

I haven’t used my baking soda rinse in a long time. I haven’t really felt the need to, because moisture and build-up have not been major issues. I think I’ll rely on that as a clarifying/moisturizing treatment, when my hair really needs it, but for the moment, it hasn’t.

Condition: Reverse oil rinsing is now part of my weekly regimen, I’ve had great results doing this and it’s a keeper. Sometimes, I sit under my dryer if I need a deep conditioner. Other times,  I just let it sit on my hair a few minutes, while I finish my bath routine and then rinse. Either way, I get stellar results each time. I apply a moisturizing conditioner and on top of that an oil of choice: grapeseed oil (LOVE THIS STUFF!), coconut, avocado oil or olive oil.

Moisturize and seal (ends): KCKT diluted with water, seal my ends and frizzy areas like my crown with a small amount of oil, right now I’m loving grapeseed oil.

In fall/winter I tend to avoid humectants, such as glycerin and honey, as the climate where I live is dry. These products yield great results in the summer, however.

Style: 12 braids or twists, 45 minutes under my hooded dryer, if dry, untwist, if still a little damp, I’ll let it air dry some more.

After giving birth, I’m sure this routine will change drastically (i.e. Wet n go + Mom bun). This is one of the main reasons I’m on a growth mission, to be able to leave my hair in a bun for weeks and chase behind a little person. Speaking of birthing process.My hair will be the furthest thing from my mind during that time, but I’d like to look semi-sane for a post-birth picture. Right now, I’m thinking bun with a scarf tied around my head. I don’t want to spend money nor time on braids, even though they’d probably be the most practical option. I thought I’d ask readers with children: what was your child birth hair style of choice?

8 thoughts on “Updated Fall/Winter Hair Regimen

  1. I didn’t have a choice; he was coming whether my hair was combed or not lol. I was relaxed back then and couldn’t find a ponytail holder so I was not prepared for pictures. Congrats though. Good advice on oil rinsing. Been trying to add it into my schedule. Single working mom with a toddler, I’m lucky to just get my hair washed once a week lol

    • Thank you! Hope you enjoy the oil rinsing when you can do it. I’ll likely be on the same boat soon. =)

      Yes, my post is definitely wishful thinking. I’m thinking the odds will be better for me if I just bun my hair and stretch my wash day to every week instead of weekly. In the end, I’m just happy to meet my little one, crazy haired or not. =)

  2. Congrats! I didn’t know you were expecting. I wore twists or a twist out after giving birth. I twisted my hair, wore it for about a week, and then untwisted for a day or 2. With my hair in twists, I didn’t have to mess with it much. Hope I was able to help.

  3. I just found your blog! I have been natural 4 years and am still trying to put together a low-po regimen. Seems like once I find a regimen that works, my hair rejects the products after 6 months and I have to start all over again! Along with the low-po, my hair is very fine and thin, which has its own set of issues. :).

    Anyway, You have very lovely hair, and I will be a frequent visitor. I tried

    • Welcome, thank you and thanks for stopping by. Stick with it and don’t give up, you will find a regimen that works for you. It took me a long time to find the products and routine my hair likes. I know that hair likes products to be rotated every once in a while, so it’s good to have a few products that work well.

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