Face Talk

A reader emailed me and requested I share my skin regimen and tips on achieving clear skin.

I do believe that genetics plays a huge role in our skin, but the environment and our regimens contribute greatly as well to the health of our skin.

Here are some things I do that do not relate to my wash regimen:

  • Eat clean and healthy — lots of veggies, fruits and drink tons of water.
  • Move around and exercise to stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Try to keep my hair off my face.
  • I don’t wear foundation, if I do I only wear it on special occasions.

Now here’s my skin regimen. I’m not beauty expert and my skin is not flawless. However, I used to break out a lot, and since implementing this regimen, I no longer suffer from acne nor do I get pimples (except for one around that time…).


Products  (products in bold are what I use 100% of the time):

  • jojoba oil – same PH as the skin, extremely gentle and moisturizing, even for the most sensitive skin. Great make-up remover.
  • warm towel – soothing, opens pores and removes dirt and oil.
  • cold water – wonderful to close pore and increase circulation
  • witch hazel – closes pores, refreshes skins (and I think it fights wrinkles, but I have no scientific proof, besides my grandmother who used it her entire life and never wrinkled).
  • tea tree – fights acne and antimicrobial
  • black soap – removes oil and build-up without stripping the skin, even skin tone

AM/PM Regimen

  1. Put a drop or two of jojoba oil* on my hands and rub face in circular motions (if I’m wearing make-up, I add a few more drops to really loosen up the product).
  2. Place a warm towel on my face and let it sit one minute, wipe my face with the wash cloth to remove oil or buildup.
  3. Rinse with cold water.
  4. Place a few drops of witch hazel astringent and one drop of tea tree oil** on a cotton swab and gently wipe in a circular motion over my face and neck.
  5. If my skin feels dry I will add another drop of jojoba oil.
  6. (In the summer or if my skin feels oily I use a small amount of black soap to cleanse it. I don’t do this so often in winter.)

*Other great light oils are extra virgin olive oil and sweet almond oil.

**I only add the drop of tea tree oil at night, because of the smell.

These products will probably last you 6 – 9 months and only cost about 5 – 10 dollars in total. The best part about this regimen is that the products are 100% clean and natural.

What’s your healthy skin regimen?


5 thoughts on “Face Talk

  1. I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap in peppermint to wash my face. I use jojoba oil right afterwards to seal in the moisture. That is it. Natural and simple 🙂

  2. I use the oil cleansing method then a rich oil after to seal. It’s been so dry this winter I’ve taken to layering oils, maybe avocado or argan with coconut or fractionated coconut oil which feels really silky and nice in this awful weather.

  3. I use this exact same method, except with sweet almond oil because jojoba oil can be expensive. lol but my skin has improved drastically since using the oil cleansing method.

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