A Lo-Po’s BFF and Frenemy

Here are the top 5 products that work well for my low porosity hair and 5 products that leave me with a frizzy, tangled mess. Each of these methods will be discussed in detail in future blog posts:

(image from Tumblr)

Lo-Po’s BFFs (work wonders by helping me keep my hair moisturized)

1. Clarifying with baking powder diluted in water

2. Warming conditioner

3. Rhassoul Clay

4. Deep conditioning with heat

5. Warm water washes and rinses

Lo-Po’s Frenemy (thought they were good for me, but in the end did nothing for my hair)

1. Aloe vera

2. Kimmaytube leave-in

3. Cold water rinses

4. Diluted vinegar as a hair wash

5. Heavy oils and butters for sealing

What are some products that have worked for your lo-po hair? What products or techniques worked against your lo-po hair?


17 thoughts on “A Lo-Po’s BFF and Frenemy

    • Hi there! These leave-ins work nicely for me: Kinky Curly Knot Today (without anything added). and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie**.
      I take a small amount and apply it in sections to damp hair (not dry, nor wet).
      I only seal the ends of my hair, as I find they are most prone to damage.
      I twist my hair and apply a little shea butter to my ends. If you want to seal your hair, I’d suggest going light on the oils. Try jojoba, grapeseed or sweet almond and only use a small amount
      If you live in a very cold, dry and arid environment – avoid Shea Moisture CES, as it contains glycerin. In low dew-point environments, this will pull moisture away from your hair.
      Hope this helps!

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  2. Hi. I’m so grateful for your page its really helping me realise a lot more! My only issue is I’m genuinely stuck, I don’t know what to do to make my dry, lo-po, tightly coiled twa cooperate with me. Its very frustrating as I have a soon to be 1y/o girl and don’t want to fail her.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! First congratulations on going natural. I think it’s truly beautiful that your daughter is your inspiration for going and staying natural. It sounds like the key issue you are having is getting moisture into your hair. How often are you washing your hair? What type of products do you use to moisturize your hair? Have you tried deep conditioners with heat (i.e. steamer or soft bonnet dryer)? I’d love to know more about what has and hasn’t worked for you.
      On another note, stay motivated and natural. You will not regret it!

  3. The kimmaytube never did much for my hair so I agree as well as using aloe vera as a leave in. If I use aloe vera, it has to be mixed with oil and/or conditioner b/c it just sits on my hair like water and doesn’t absorb into it. But it absorbs into my scalp and my scalp loves it. Yes diluted vinegar rinses suck! I hate them and my hair hates them! I don’t like it getting into my eyes and I hate smelling vinegar for that matter. But diluted citrus rinses work for me oddly lol. I disagree with the heavy butters though. My hair loves shea and palm butter and evoo. It hates safflower, soybean, grapeseed, and other light oils. I only use those light oils when my hair is straight. But it works better when I heat the oils or add a heavier oil or humectant to it, like honey. The heavy butters help me keep the moisture in so I can go weeks without having to apply anything else.

  4. hey I’m a lowpo and I’ve had the curling smoothie for almost a yr now and still cannot use it, I big chopped during the winter in ny so I blame it on the cold but then I just moved to fl and still, my hair hates it, I’m convinced I’ll have to use it as a lotion, any suggestions?

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I can only use a small amount of SMCES in the summer and only on twist outs never wash-n-gos. My leave-in of choice is (and will always be) Kinky Curly Knot Today. I mix it with a bit of water and apply it, this stretches the product and my hair responds well. Perhaps you’re glycerin sensitive. Shea moisture does contain glycerin. Or it could be due to high humidity areas. Where I live it never gets humid, so in summer dew points are optimal. Try diluting with water it in an applicator bottle/ old product bottle and if that doesn’t work… I think it would be a good body moisturizer.

  5. I have tried what feels like every product on the market for natural hair. 😣 Finally I read an article about hair porosity. I finally understand why anytime a product with protein was put on my hair it did more damage.
    What has worked for me? I have been using the steam method of wrapping a warm/hot towel on my hair after applying a leave in conditioner and sitting under a hair dryer for 15 minutes. I love the moisture it gives my hair. 😊
    I also have gone old school and using carefree curl activator before twisting or styling and Amla oil as I un-twist. Thank you for your post and blogs.
    It cuts down on so much trial and error.

  6. Yes. I found Vinegar to be a NOOOONOOOO!!! Wish I would have come across your website before I trashed my hair.

    • I’m sure your hair isn’t trashed. Give it some necessary TLC and it’ll come right back. Trim off what can’t be saved and try to find some products that work for you. Hang in there. I was so desperate to go back to a relaxer before I figured out my hair was lo-po.

  7. Your blog is godsend, I feel like giving you a hug. So, I’ve been natural for a year and six months and during the first year, I noticed heartwarming progress but then last month I noticed a lot of breakage and it was as if my hair has been stuck in the same length for months; It honestly depressed me. However, I did more research and found out about hair porosity. I know! Turns out I have low porosity and all the protein treatment (avocado and egg yolk) I’ve been doing is totally unnecessary. Anyway, that’s all in the past and I’m ready to start a new regime and i’m taking better care of my hair – had my first trim last month *smh.
    So now, I need your help as I have a few (lol) questions.
    1. Do I need to use a shampoo after rinsing my hair with baking Soda?
    2. Do I need to use a rinse out conditioner after rinsing my hair with baking soda?
    3. How do I get my cuticles to close after using the baking soda?
    4. In a totally unrelated topic, I want to try out a hot oil treatment using coconut oil, alma oil, honey, shea butter and a little castor oil. Do I need to wash out the treatment with a shampoo or just rinse with warm water?
    My questions are amateur but I’d really appreciate your guidance.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comments. Don’t get depressed, hang in there, it’ll all work out with a little trial and error. Just a quick comment before baby wakes up- 1. no and go light on the baking soda, I’d say no more than teaspoon. 2. definitely, or even a deep conditioner. 3. in my opinion conditioners are acidic in nature, that should do the trick… if you’re still worried, rinse with cool water or apply jojoba oil. 4. I’m not very experienced in that department, but I would imagine it might build up if you didn’t…

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