Cure for Dry Ends

When I style my hair in a twist/braid out, it’s usually soft and moisturized the first day. However, on day two my ends are particularly dry. This dryness increases as days go by. Recently, I started a different night-time regimen to keep my style and keep my ends moisturized.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I usually put my hair in a few large braids the night prior and then wear a satin scarf. Now, every night and morning I lightly spritz my ends with water using a spray bottle. Instead of braiding all my hair I leave about an inch unbraided. I then spritz the unbraided hair with water and pin it down. If I don’t braid my hair, I can also get good results by loosely wrapping my hair (if you ever had relaxed hair then you probably are familiar with this nighttime technique). Again, before I wrap my hair, I lightly spritz my ends with water. The next day, I spray them with water again to refresh my ends. If I wear my hair up, I make sure to tuck all my ends away. This is almost like a deep conditioner and when I take my hair down, my ends are damp and touchably soft.

This method works really well for me, even better than simply applying a leave-in. Although, half-way through the week, I do add more leave-in to condition my ends. But the key for me really is water.

The ends are the oldest and most vulnerable part of our hair, so it’s important to keep them well protected. How do you protect your ends?

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!


11 thoughts on “Cure for Dry Ends

  1. Cool, started to do the same on Tuesday with my tresses, so happy to say the method is working well, I use a homade spritz 🙂
    Thank you for the post dear, great one 🙂

  2. Really on time post for me. I was just lamenting this week that my afro ends need repair. I smoothed argan oil and Ynobe coconut cream on freshly co-washed hair and braided through the ends. Great improvement, except the very back (skull) section. I’ll try the water.

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