Mom hair quickie: Bantu NOT!

Inspired by a hair vlog, I decided to try Bantu knots on old (coughs: dirty), stretched hair. Well my hair hates Bantu knots apparently, it looked like I had huge snakes swirling all around my head (note to self: excellent for a medusa inspired costume). I wanted to let my hair down for a couple of days, but alas it was back to the mom bun. However, from failure I found a style I like. The southern tease bun! With my hair stretched it was a bit looser and I could pin it back into a low bun that I placed on the right side if my head. It’s a sophisticated yet flirty look that takes 10 min the night before to install about 10 large Bantu knots and 10 min the next day to remove and bun.
Has anyone ever had success with Bantu knots?? What’s the trick, what could I have done wrong. I thought I’d get a big loose curly for and instead got medusa…






One thought on “Mom hair quickie: Bantu NOT!

  1. Hey girl, your hair looks great. For Bantu Knots, a suggestion of mine, twist 2 big sections of hair and then bantu knot, when you remove them, just separate and try that. Will try to do a step by step process so you can see on my blog 🙂 I tried it and like the look, hopefully can remember how to do it 😀

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