Real talk: Beauty

This is a new feature on my blog. I’ll be discussing different themes in relation to hair (of course) and life and hope you’ll join in on the conversation. This week’s theme is feeling beautiful.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Personally, I noticed for my very definition of beauty evolves with age (like most things). In my teens, it was whatever magazines and peers said was beautiful. I’d study Seventeen magazine for hours hoping to experience my “she’s all that” movie moment. You know, the one where you go to school one day and suddenly the homecoming king realizes you're a supermodel — yeah never happened. In my twenties, particularly early twenties, it was compliments I received from friends, boyfriends and strangers. Now that I'm in my early thirties (eek, writing about three decades make me feel so old), it's when I feel happiest. When I'm laughing uncontrollably with friends over a tea, while reminiscing on our youth. When I do favors for others or surprise loved ones. When I'm doing anything outdoorsy. When my baby boy looks up at me a smiles and coos. Now my definition is all the positive energy I try to put out and feelings of joy that make me feel beautiful. Research shows the most beautiful people are the happiest. I'd have to somewhat disagree and say happy people are truly beautiful. Happiness radiates from within like a lighthouse in the fog. Never let anyone dim your light or define your beauty.

How do you define beautiful? When do you feel beautiful?



2 thoughts on “Real talk: Beauty

  1. I am approaching 35 this year and for some reason my age is now kind of a big deal. I don’t look or feel my age but when I say that I’m turning 35 it kind of hits me that I am getting “older”. lol I feel the most beautiful in my laid back state. Before in my 20’s it use to be about what I wore or how my hair was done before I went out of the house. Now I am content with more of my natural beauty. A messy bun with casual attire is just fine with me. I recently got married a year and half ago and living with my husband has made me feel even more beautiful. The way he looks at me or lets me snuggle under him are the moments I cherish.

    • 35 is young! Thanks for sharing! I am all for messy buns and casual and being comfortable in my skin… This feeling really only came in my 30s, I’m sure it will strengthen over time. Congrats on your marriage!!

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