Moisturizing Tips

So your hair has been freshly washed, deep conditioned and now you’re ready to moisturize! Moisture is essential, my hair craves it and well moisturized hair means healthy hair. For low porosity hair this can be a challenge.

Here are a few tips to help you moisturize your hair:

Apply your leave-in to damp instead of soaking wet hair.

After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, either let it air dry until it’s damp or wrap it in a cotton t-shirt for 3-5 minutes. Applying your leave-in to damp hair will allow your hair to absorb the moisture. When hair is soaking wet and full of water, it’s a lot more difficult for your hair to accept extra moisture.


Make sure your leave-in has water as the first ingredient. My leave-in, Kinky Curly Knot Today doesn’t have water, so I dilute it with water.

Use light heat (optional)

I sometimes partly dry my hair on low heat, I find it helps my hair absorb the leave-in, especially, when I style my hair in twists.


When possible, try to allow hair to dry in a stretched style like twists. After I moisturize, I usually twist my hair. When I release my hair from the twists, it’s supple and soft.


Water is the key here. During the week if your hair starts to feel dry. Dilute some leave-in with water and apply it to your hair.


I didn’t mention oil, because it doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes, I seal my ends with oil and sometimes I seal my hair with a very light oil. However, sealing with oil isn’t an essential part of my regimen, so I often skip applying oil. Also, moisture always start with water. So, sealing your hair is a personal choice.

What are your key steps to moisturized hair?


13 thoughts on “Moisturizing Tips

  1. I find a lot of oils leave my hair coated, matted and full of knots. Good blog; very informative. Thanks for doing this for us low porous heads.

  2. I am so glad that I found this blog. Please do not stop! I just found out that I have low porosity hair, and I am relieved and frustrated at the same time. For starters I just bought a steamer and my hair is more moisturized. My curls have more definition and less frizz. For clarifying I will use Castile soap, and I do have some bentonite clay, but I know I need to be careful how I mix it. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for your next blog.

    • Hi! Thanks for your lovely compliments. I’ve never owned a steamer, aaah someday, I hope. However, I’ve heard wonderful things about steamers, especially in regards to lo-po hair. If you do try bentonite clay, I’d love to hear your input on it.

    • Hi. I don’t bc it has water as the first ingredient (although, now that you mention it, I’m curious about diluting it). I also only use SM in the late spring/summer, bc it has glycerin.

  3. I have a question. I did see your list of drug store conditioners but I wanted to see if this conditioner I have been buying for a few months is okay for low po hair. Do you know of an ingredients list, like what to avoid, what to look for? I know humectants are good and my conditioner does have glycerin. It also has grapeseed oil. Would you mind telling me how often I should deep condition damaged low po hair? I am gradually trimming a half inch per month until it is all gone and I have figured out my products/regimen.

    • Hi! I’m no expert, so the list serves as a helpful suggestion tool for loop hair. Personally, I try to find conditioners that contain some natural oils and humectants. I use some conditioners with cones, but it’s usually very far down in the ingredient list. However, I do believe water should be the first ingredient in a conditioner. Looks like you’re on the right track!

  4. How do you deep condition your hair? im going to be trying the baking soda rinse tonight, but need a deep conditioner too. ive tried avocado and cant really tell if its helping. also, do you recommend protein treatments? i have tons of breakage and am not sure how to stop it. any feed back would be great. thanks 🙂

    • Hi! For deep conditioning I take one of my favorite moisturizing conditioners and mix it with a little honey and small amount of oil. Apply it to my hair, put on a cap and sit under a soft bonnet dryer. I use a conditioner with a small amount of protein (e.g. Giovanni smooth as silk) when my hair feels over conditioned (probably once a month or every other month). I don’t use strong proteins however. Breakage can also be due to dryness or dead/split ends.

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