Rhassoul vs Bentonite Clay

Rhassoul Clay Bentonite Clay
Ingredients Clay found in the Atlas Mts. High percentage of silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium


Volcanic ash sediments, has a high percentage of silica and iron
Uses Detox, face mask, skin treatment, cleanser, conditioner


Detox, face mask, skin treatment, cleanser
Slip (1: terrible – 5 great) 5

Nothing makes detangling as easy as rhassoul clay. My curls come out defined, smooth and clumped



My hair wasn’t as easy to comb through

Softness 5

Gives me HIH syndrome


My hair was soft after, but I still felt I had to follow-up with a conditioner, as it wasn’t as soft as I’d like it to be.


Preparation 4.5

Water, a little aloe or vinegar, mix and apply. Although my mix is always slightly runnier than I’d like.



This was very awkward to mix, the clay swells up as soon as water hits it and the mixture was really thick.

Appearance of hair 5

This always gives me a nice healthy shine


My hair looked very clean and shiny, although on the 3rd day it looked a little waxy to me.


Would I recommend this for low porosity hair Definitely, this stuff is golden! In my low porosity holy grail products I’d recommend it for an occasional hair cleanse/detox, but I don’t think I’ll add this to my list of low porosity must-haves.

16 thoughts on “Rhassoul vs Bentonite Clay

  1. Thanks for this. I keep meaning to try rhassoul clay on my hair but haven’t got round to getting some. I’ll add it to my Amazon basket ASAP.

  2. I have been using Rhassoul Clay in my MHM. I LOVE IT!!! My curls are defined and myhairitage is soft. I am really suffering from HIHS. I need to wear mittens to keep my hands out of my hair! If you have lo po hair and are looking to get your hair healthier, this clay is wort a try I your hair care regimen,

  3. I totally get this comparison. I prefer rhassoul also because it goes better with my preferred mix ins, such as coconut milk, truffle treats, cocoa butter, shea butter. I add stuff to bentonite too, but I feel like I “must” add conditioner too.

    I do love my first batch of DIY toothpaste made from bentonite. I won’t buy toothpaste again!!!

      • Hi!!! Try this! I’ll return to thread soon!!

        A refreshing homemade toothpaste recipe that the entire family will love! Safe for kids to use!
        1/2 c. filtered water (Click to see where I buy my filters)
        1/4 c. bentonite clay (Click to see where I buy my bentonite clay)
        2 TBS. calcium/magnesium powder (Click to see where I buy my calcium/magnesium powder)
        3 TBS. coconut oil (Click to see where I buy my coconut oil)
        1/4 tsp. real salt (Click to see where I buy my real salt)
        1/4 tsp. baking soda (Click to see where I buy my baking soda)
        10 drops trace minerals (Click to see where I buy my trace minerals)
        20 drops OnGuard essential oil blend (Click to see where I buy essential oils)
        10 drops Peppermint essential oil (Click to see where I buy my essential oils)
        Stevia (to taste – go slow, a tiny bit can go a long way!) (Click to see where I buy Stevia)
        Mix all ingredients in a food processor until smooth and no more bumps.
        Store in a glass mason jar or a silicone squeeze tube (here’s where I bought my squeeze tube)for up to 3 months.
        By DaNelle Wolford

  4. I’ve been natural 5 years and yesterday was the first time I tried rhassoul clay on my low po hair. I saw and felt great results immediately after I washed it out. My hair was clean, moisturized, shiny, felt strengthened, and detangling was a breeze. Did I mention the curl definition!!! This is by far the best treatment to remove buildup from low po hair. I had previously wanted to cut my hair off because it was just blah, but this treatment literally gave my hair “life.” I should have taken before and after pics.

    • Yeah! I love comments like these. I’m so happy you enjoyed the rhassoul clay. I felt like that the first time I used it too. I was like “why didn’t anyone tell me about this holy grail product!!” That’s why I’m always posting about it. =)

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