Low Porosity Hair Care Giveaway!

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow is the last day for you to enter the giveaway. This weekend, one lucky reader will receive a bag of organic rhassoul clay and my favorite leave-in, Kinky Curly Knot Today. I’ll enter all your names into a hat and select the first name drawn as the winner. Remember, to be eligible you have to leave one comment on this post. Once the winner is selected, I’ll contact him or her per email and request their mailing address.

Good luck!



Rhassoul Clay 1st love

Happy Valentine’s Day readers!

I know it’s a Hallmark holiday, but I just love love. So anything that celebrates friendship, love and happiness is all good by my standards! It’s also a special day for me, because my husband I married 6 years ago from today on Valentine’s day.

Speaking of love, why do I always go astray from my first lo-po love rhassoul clay?? I keep trying to find something that rivals it as a moisturizing cleanser, but nothing does.

After my flop with my homemade castile shampoo last week. This week it was back to my beloved rhassoul clay. Oh and how lovely it was to reunite. My hair felt soft, clean and my curls were bouncy and breathed new life. The only downside, which I didn’t miss was the dirt slinging all over my shower. It’s quick to wash down, but it would be nice to have a slightly less messy version (…still working on a formula).

Any way, for now I’ll stick to rhassoul for my weekly cleanser and Giovanni Triple Tea Tree Shampoo as my monthly clarifier. It’s not drying and is pretty effective.
After applying my mud wash I decided to put my hair in Curlformers (per usual). I’m getting a lot faster at installing them and as usual I let them dry under my hooded dryer to cut down on drying time.

What products are you loving these days? Any plans for V-day? I’d love to hear about them.




Updated Fall/Winter Hair Regimen

As the weather cools off, the air becomes drier and autumn days gradually turn into winter, my regimen also changes a bit with it.

After being without my beloved rhassoul clay for a little over a month, it’s finally back in my life and I must say, there is no other product out there that I love more (besides my Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Detangler).

For a thorough look at my current regimen, please see the page “My Regimen”. I’ll just give you a short overview of what I’m doing now.

Wash + detangle: Once per week: rhassoul clay mixture (distilled water, rhassoul, vinegar)

I haven’t used my baking soda rinse in a long time. I haven’t really felt the need to, because moisture and build-up have not been major issues. I think I’ll rely on that as a clarifying/moisturizing treatment, when my hair really needs it, but for the moment, it hasn’t.

Condition: Reverse oil rinsing is now part of my weekly regimen, I’ve had great results doing this and it’s a keeper. Sometimes, I sit under my dryer if I need a deep conditioner. Other times,  I just let it sit on my hair a few minutes, while I finish my bath routine and then rinse. Either way, I get stellar results each time. I apply a moisturizing conditioner and on top of that an oil of choice: grapeseed oil (LOVE THIS STUFF!), coconut, avocado oil or olive oil.

Moisturize and seal (ends): KCKT diluted with water, seal my ends and frizzy areas like my crown with a small amount of oil, right now I’m loving grapeseed oil.

In fall/winter I tend to avoid humectants, such as glycerin and honey, as the climate where I live is dry. These products yield great results in the summer, however.

Style: 12 braids or twists, 45 minutes under my hooded dryer, if dry, untwist, if still a little damp, I’ll let it air dry some more.

After giving birth, I’m sure this routine will change drastically (i.e. Wet n go + Mom bun). This is one of the main reasons I’m on a growth mission, to be able to leave my hair in a bun for weeks and chase behind a little person. Speaking of birthing process.My hair will be the furthest thing from my mind during that time, but I’d like to look semi-sane for a post-birth picture. Right now, I’m thinking bun with a scarf tied around my head. I don’t want to spend money nor time on braids, even though they’d probably be the most practical option. I thought I’d ask readers with children: what was your child birth hair style of choice?

Lo-po’s BFF: Rhassoul Clay Mud Wash

Rhassoul clay can be used to make an inexpensive, all natural, cleansing and conditioning hair wash. I use this as my shampoo and conditioner about 2 – 3 times per month. It makes my hair soft, tangle free, shiny and helps revive my curls and kinks. I usually apply this wash on a Sunday, when I can just take my time and not feel rushed. The great thing about this product is that a little goes a long way and you usually don’t need to follow with a conditioner.

A little information on rhassoul clay:
It’s a natural mineral clay found in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It’s known for its cleansing properties. It has been used since the 8th century as a beauty product for skin and hair!

It is made of:

silica 58%
aluminum 2.47%
Irons 0.64%
sodium 2.3%
magnesium 25.2%
calcium 2.34%

Silica has been shown to help reduce hair loss and aid in growth, by regenerating cell growth and strengthening the connective tissue of the hair, skin and nails. Rhassoul clay is made up of more than 50% of silica! magnesium has also been shown to decrease hair loss. I’ve used rhassoul clay for almost a year now and I love the results.

How I apply and mix it:

  1. **About 5 TBSP of rhassoul clay, Mixed with about 7- 10 TBSP of water (amount will vary depending on hair’s length and thickness. You don’t want the mixture to be thick like a pancake mixture nor watery. My mixture is usually on the thinner side, so I can spread it, but it’s not runny.
  2. I then add 1-2 tsps of vinegar or aloe. I’ve tried this mixture without adding vinegar or aloe and it resulted in dry hair. So from now on this is how I mix it.
  3. (Optional) I mix in a little tea tree oil and about 1 TBSP of Brahmi or Vatika oil and mix it well.
  4. I split my hair into 4 sections, dampen it and either in the tub or leaning over the tub (it can get messy), I apply the rhassoul clay to each section. I do not rub it into the hair, but gently apply it to my hair, being sure to coat the entire section with a small amount.
  5. I detangle my hair at this point or do it after in the shower.
  6. Put on a plastic bag/cap and let it sit for 20 – 30 minutes, rinse out the clay with warm water (detangling each section if I haven’t done so already). When the water runs clear and you’ve rinsed your hair well, you’re done.
  7. Your hair should feel soft and strong. If you’d like or if your hair still feels a bit dry, you can lightly condition your ends with a moisturizing shampoo.

** Never mix clays in a metal bowl nor metal utensils.

Mountain Rose
Live Strong

I live abroad, so buy my rhassoul clay in Europe, however you can buy rhassoul clay from:
It’s a one lb bag and will probably last you over a year. It costs 9 dollars, so that’s basically .16 cents a week!

I’ve also heard positive things about Anita Grant’s Mud Wash. It’s a lot costlier than buying a bag and mixing it yourself, however, if you’re not a mix-tress, it may be a better option for you.


Have you tried rhassoul clay?