Follow-up: My Mom’s Porosity

Last week, I interviewed my Mom about her recent big chop. This weekend, I decided to do a porosity test on her hair to help her decide what products work with her hair. She washed her hair and I snipped off a small strand and placed it in a glass of room temperature water. After 30 minutes the hair was still floating on top of the water. From this test, I speculated she likely had low porosity hair (like mother, like daughter). To make a conclusive decision, I applied aloe vera to a small section of her hair and her coils frizzed right up!

With this knowledge, I’ll help her test out some products that have worked for me, including a rhassoul clay wash and KCKT and report back findings. For the meantime, she’s stopped using petroleum-based products— big no-no for low porosity hair. Instead she’s simply using some cream leave-ins as well as Taliah Waajid Kinky, Wavy, Natural Herbal Style and Shine, which actually did a pretty fantastic job of reviving my dry ends half-way through the week.

I look forward to some future posts about her experience using some of my recommended products. This leaves me wondering if low porosity hair is hereditary. Your thoughts?


For more information on low porosity, check out my ealrier post: Low Porosity Introduction