Cantu Shea Leave-In

Hi Everyone, life has been insane and now that I have the summer off from teaching things have “calmed down” a bit. I still have my little boy, who is a year and a half now and keeps me on my toes. If any of you with kids, nieces,  nephews etc., have tips for creative activities to do with a toddler at home, please send them my way. As many of you know, I live in Switzerland. Far away, from my family and childhood friends. While, I’ve created friendships here, it’s not the same as my connections back home. Relationships are a lot more formal and a lot of times, excluding our weekly play dates,  it’s just me and the little guy. I’m heading home in a bit and I’m thrilled at having people around, crowding over us, showing up unannounced. Any way, I don’t know how I ended up sharing all of this, but I know you guys usually have great ideas or maybe some of you have similar experiences and can relate??

Any way, I’ve just put my hair in boot camp mode. Last month my hair was a total disaster. Desert-dry, tangled and matted. I just kept pinning it back and stretching my wash days way too much. Now I’m washing it every 5 days and deep conditioning everytime. It’s just necessary for me to DC retain moisture, I’ve come to this conclusion. I’ve brought back reverse oil rinsing. And, depending on the shape my hair is in, I follow up with just an oil or a leave-in and seal with a light oil, I’m loving grape seed at the moment. The past couple of weeks I’ve been testing out a big tube of Cantu Leave-in that I bought this winter. 

When I first used this product, I thought meh, pass. However, upon using it again, it’s a definite winner in my book! If I apply this, and only this, it imparts a nice shine and leaves my twist outs defined and moisturized. For the low price (about 6 bucks) and size (16oz), you can’t beat that. 

Here is a pic of my twist out using Cantu Leave-In Repair Leave-in. I still had some fluffing to do, so ignore the strange shape of my hair. 😋 Have you tried the Cantu Leave-in before?

For my US readers, I hope you have a fun and safe 4th!  


5 thoughts on “Cantu Shea Leave-In

  1. My friend has raved out Cantu – it’s on my list of things to try! I think it’s pretty reasonably priced, too.

    Also, have a great trip home – I know how challenging it can be to be alone with a toddler all day, every day. Bubbles? Crafts? Outdoor games? Sprinklers? If I think of any more specific suggestions for activities, I will let you know!

    • I’m really loving it so far, let me know how it works for you when you give it a try. Thanks for your tips, we do all of the above. It’s incredible how short toddlers attention spans are. 😄 It’s been 95 degrees everyday this week, so I’m definitely open to indoor craft ideas. I start looking on Pinterest for ideas, then somehow get super intimidated or demotivated– I like the simple ideas best. Bubbles are always a crowd pleaser though, especially at the park bc then other kids join in on the fun.

  2. Beautiful, shiny hair! 🙂 Try playing with blocks, finger painting (making sure he doesn’t eat it lol), and coloring books.

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