Blown-out Twist-out

This is by far my favorite to-go-to hairstyle in the spring and fall, when the weather is warm and dry. I simply, blow dry my hair, my goal is not bone straight blown out hair, but just stretched hair. A heat protectant and small amount of leave-in was applied before blowdrying my hair. Next I put my hair in big chunky flat twists and unravel the next day. I enjoy this style, because it’s soft and fluffy. I get to enjoy the length of my hair for a bit. In addition, this style lasts longer than my wet/damp set twists, typically 10 – 14 days. I follow-up by oiling my ends each night and placing my hair back in jumbo twists. Love the versatility of natural hair!

I’m mostly doing my usual routine (clay wash, occasional slippery elm detangle, deep conditioning and sealing with oil and for the most part skipping the leave-in). This week, I started with a new practice and that’s oiling my scalp before I wash my hair. I’ll post on that soon.Have you ever oiled your scalps, is it part of your regimen?


13 thoughts on “Blown-out Twist-out

    • I don’t use it as a detangler, I know some people do. I use it as a rinse out detangler. Once I’m able to remove the fine particles from the mixture, I’ll use it as a leave-in. I 1c boil water, add in 2 TBSP slippery elm, mix, let sit and cool. That’s all. HTH

  1. Yayy so happy to see you still blog! I went from natural to relaxed for awhile so I stopped following but I’m back on and glad you still exist lol thank you โ™กโ™กโ™ก

    • Hi! Haven’t seen you on here in forever… Guess I can say the same for myself, I haven’t had a lot of time to update the blog. Soon hopefully. Hope all is well. *Hugs*

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