Leave-Out: Week 3

A few weeks back, I posted on experimenting with my regimen, specifically, skipping my leave-in. I like a minimalist approach so if I can edit my routine and drop some unnecessary steps that’s a win my book. Here’s a picture from week 3 leave-out experiment. I simply sealed with coconut oil.

Twist Out:Leave Out

About three days post wash, I usually moisturize my hair with a small amount of leave-in or just oil and a little water.

What I’ve noticed over the past few weeks:

  • Softer, shinier, bouncier next day hair.
  • When, reapplying moisture to completely dry hair (as needed basis) my hair seems to drink up the product. It never does this when it’s damp or wet.
  • Less frizz. My theory, fewer products to interact with dew point levels…. just a wild guess.
  • Faster styling and drying times.

I’ll continue with my leave-out experiment this entire month to monitor my results. Have any of you tried skipping your leave-in or experimenting with your regimen?



7 thoughts on “Leave-Out: Week 3

  1. Beautiful! I have tried experimenting with my regimen. I went to my mom’s hair stylist, one weekend and she suggested that I use Creme of Nature products. I really didn’t want to because of the ingredients, but it hasn’t been too bad.

  2. Interesting, my leave ins are starting to leave my hair super dry after 3 days so might also tweak my regimen, thanks for the thought dear 😀 so I used my Shea Moisture Smoothie and wowowowow, in loveeeeee!!! Hahahaha.

  3. Hey Annabel. I’m really happy for you. There’s nothing like a simple regimen with great results. Less is truly more! However, I’m just a bit confused. You said that when you’ve been re-moisturising your completely dry hair, your hair seems to drink it up. A fellow lo-po friend of mine told me to re-moisturise recently on completely dry hair too for the same reason. So just wanted to know exactly what your’re re-moisturising with please. Just plain water? Or a leave-in? And than are you sealing again with more coconut oil? Sorry Hun, unless there’s visual aids, I’m one of those people that needs details for anything to make sense 😳 Look forward to your response.

    • Hi! I’ll be updating my regimen in a couple of weeks, sorry for the confusion. I usually re-moisturize around day 3. I take very diluted KCKT and rub a small amount on my hair (concentrating on my ends.) I redo my flat-twists ,but in larger sections. Seal the ends of my twists with very little oil. That’s it.
      On wash day, I skip the leave-in and seal my damp hair with coconut oil. On the day that I remoisturize, 3 – 4 days post, I only seal the tip of my twists and with a lighter oil such as jojoba.
      Hope that helps! I’ll try to be more detailed when I update my regimen page.

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