Operation Save My Edges

My edges suffered so much after my pregnancy. I’m finally starting to see the light, as they’ve started to grow back, granted slowly. I still have to use my comb-over technique from time to time. Pulling my hair back completely, is not an option, as I don’t want to put too much pressure on my edges and I don’t want expose my barely-there edges. So, I wear my hair down a lot and if I do pull my hair back, it’s always in a very loose low pony or bun.

Yesterday, I did a braid out and I loved the look, but my edges killed it and made my hair look flat and lifeless. I used a headband to hide my thinning hair and give the illusion of volume by fluffing. This is a nice quick fix that’s gentle on my edges. In addition, to being gentle with my edges, I’ve tried massaging them lightly with a light oil (e.g. jojoba) and mixing in some essential oils like lavender and tea tree. I’ll have to pick up some rosemary essential oil as I’ve heard this is really good for hair growth.

Are you team thin edges? What are some tricks that have worked for you? Even if your edges are normal to thick, what are some tricks you use to keep them that way??

Happy Sunday!



14 thoughts on “Operation Save My Edges

  1. I’m starting a massage and green tea mini challenge today to see if I can get some results! By the way your edges are doing more than great lol πŸ˜‰

      • well it’s basically drinking 3 cups a day, massaging your edges every night and incorporating the green tea in your routine by either spritzing it to that part or using it as a tea rinse on wash day πŸ™‚ Apparently there’s something in green tea that promotes hair growth/stops hair loss

  2. Your edges don’t look bad. After I had my youngest son, my edges were struggling. Lol I started wearing bangs to help hide them. It was fashionable and did the trick. You learn to be creative. The headband looks good on you!

    • I wish I could pull off bangs! =) Oh they’ve come a long way, but are still quite thin, the headband hides it well. Maybe I should do an edges reveal post. It’s true though you do learn to be creative. Thanks!

  3. I liked your post! I actually made a oil mix for my mom that consisted of tea tree, castor, and peppermint oils. I put it in an applicator bottle and she used it every night for about a month. She saw dramatic results and hasn’t had an issue with thinning since.

  4. Well I have edges but I am struggling to grow the hair in my nape area. It is always dry and breaks very easy. I can literally wear no updo’s 😦 Now that I know I’m lopo maybe a change in my regimen will help me retain some length back there. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi! I’m no expert. I can only suggest the following: low manipulation styling (don’t strain or pull that section of your hair), deep condition, scalp massages with essential oils (diluted in a light carrier oils). Some essential oils I hear that are beneficial to encourage growth: tea tree, mint, rosemary. You can check out my regimen for ideas on what works for my lo-po hair. Hope that helps!

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