Lo-Po Shampoo Dos

Shampoo has a bad rep in the natural hair world. There’s a huge no-poo / curly girl following, who skip this step of their routine. While I don’t think shampoo is the essential ingredient for moisturized, healthy hair, I do think it’s a necessary and beneficial product. I typically use rhassoul clay as a cleanser and conditioner. However, I have a full plate and often don’t have time to mix up my batch of rhassoul clay every week. To make my life a little easier, I shampoo when I’m low on time. For my low-porosity hair, this is a less moisturizing, yet still nice alternative to my rhassoul treatment. It opens up my cuticles and helps my hair absorb the moisturizing conditioner that follows. It’s taken me a lot of trial and error to figure out what works best when shampooing my hair, but I thought I’d share my Lo-Po Shampoo Dos:

  1. Shampoo your hair from root to tip. I used to always think I could just shampoo my scalp and then suds would trickle down and remove any grime. I used the scalp technique for years and never understood why I battled build-up. Low porosity hair is very susceptible to build-up and needs a good cleaning to remove product and grime. I’ve noticed by applying shampoo all over, my clean hair is ready to absorb moisture after. You don’t have to apply a ton of shampoo a little goes a long way.
  2. Creamy, rich, moisturizing. When I use shampoo, I try to find one that is conditioning. I do try to avoid sulfates, when possible, but a cream based conditioner usually doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped and dry.
  3. Do not detangle your hair with shampoo in it and do not tangle it too much in the process of shampooing, be gentle.
  4. Follow-up with a rich, deep conditioner. Whether it’s doctoring up your own blend or using a purchased deep conditioner, it’s essential to apply conditioner from root to tips and let it sit on your hair for a little (e.g. at least 15 minutes).

That’s it. What are some of your Lo-Po Shampoo Dos? Or do you follow a no-poo regimen?

Interesting link: http://www.blackhairinformation.com/growth/shampooing/co-washing-everyone/

13 thoughts on “Lo-Po Shampoo Dos

  1. I use sulfate free shampoo only. I am still trying to figure out what works for my hair so I can’t give much feedback. I’ve been natural for 2 years and I’m still clueless when it comes to my hair lol

  2. Sweet article! Did not use for 1 year, then started again, VO5, now my hair does not like! So will not use this year, every year, she changes, hahahaa, thanks for the post dear!

  3. I tried not shampooing my hair. That did not work. I get build up like crazy and my scalp felt disgusting. Cowashing was not ideal. Now I do a rhassoul clay wash and shampoo once or twice a month with a really moisturising sulfate free shampoo, and once must be a clarifying one, also sulfate free. I like to do a clay rinse or mask afterwards.

  4. I definitely shampoo because conditioning only does not remove product from my low porosity hair. I only use (or at least mostly try to use) sulfate free shampoos. I also section my hair and shampoo in sections. I start at the scalp while holding that section taught to avoid tangling, then rake the shampoo in a downward motion to the ends which also helps avoid tangling. Once I’m done, I condition each section and twist to keep my hair out of the way while I finish up the rest of my shower Detangling later takes me less than 25 minutes! 🙂

  5. HI

    I co-wash with WEN and clarify once a month with either African Black Soap, Baking Soda and Water, or ACV and Water. I have low porosity hair, but I have discovered that my hair likes to be co-washed more than shampooing. I have tried sulfate free shampoos that were moisturizing and my hair did not like that!LOL…so far this is working for me. Trying to simplify your hair regimen took some work on my part and I do believe I have found what works for my low porosity hair:) finally.

  6. Hello annabeloo and Fellow Naturals,
    I think I have found a shampoo that works wonders on my lo-po hair…..Coco Curls Moisturizing Shampoo. I LOVE this stuff!!! It gently cleanses my hair and leaves it feeling soft and moisturized when rinsed. The downside is that you cannot buy it on the street (i.e. Target, Walmart, Beauty Supply stores), but I get two bottles at a time so I am never without. Trust me when I tell you, a little goes a long way. I shampoo every other week depending on the amount of product in my hair and one bottle will last me about 6 months.

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