Regimen Experimentation

So, if you’ve read my previous post, you know I’m experimenting with skipping my leave-in conditioner after my wash session. This recent attempt at tweaking and changing my regimen has made me curious about some things:

Could it be possible that sealing with oils never worked for me, because I’ve been suffocating my strands with leave-in? Are oils and butters really my frenemies??

Does my hair respond better to leave in when it’s completely dry?
Is a good deep conditioning session really all that I need?

Honestly, my hair has never had this dimension of shine when I’ve used leave-in conditioners. It’s never been this bouncy either. I can’t believe that it’s possible that I’ve been smothering my hair in product. This would explain why it took so long to dry. I want to play around with lots of natural products now, to see if they leave me with similar results. This weekend I’ll try treat myself to a deep conditioning rhassoul clay mask and this time apply a whipped Shea butter mixture to my hair. You know butter and my hair are like oil and water, they don’t mix. We’ll see, I’d love for if to work, as I’ve got tons of Shea butter.

This morning when I unwrapped my hair, I applied a little moisturizer to my ends. And it absorbed it easily. This is a huge detour from my normal routine. I’ll add updates to my regimens as I figure out what works best.

Day 2 HAIR:




4 thoughts on “Regimen Experimentation

  1. I am a huge fan of extra virgin olive oil and I put tea tree e.o in as well….shea butter I only use on my ends..this works for me really I have started to use Camille Rose Naturals, Curl Milk, Algae Deep Condish, and almond jai twisting butter all together what a moisture punch to my hair!!!!!!! A little goes a long way with her products…so far I am in love with the moisture in my hair…I also use Wen by Chaz Dean as well so I go back and forth with these products that gives my low porosity hair the moisture that it needs badly!!!!lol Great tips you provide and I have tried Rhassoul Clay with EVOO and HONEY..what a moisture punch…..Love the advice you give!!!

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