Secret Moisturizing Oil

I’m sorry to leave you all hanging for so long! I was planning on writing this post sooner, but my guys came down with a virus– Tis the season.
So without further ado my new oil is palm oil. This stuff is a miracle worker on reviving my hair, sealing in moisture and protecting my ends. I tried it on a whim. Usually, I use it when I make soap. I’m so happy about this random mistake!! Most oils usually give me mediocre results, but this stuff makes my hair remarkably softer. I’ll continue experimenting with it and will give it a try in my clay mask recipe next month.
Just a couple of quick facts about palm oil (from Live Strong):
Vitamin E – great anti aging benefits also fights damage
Refatting agents – great for restoring natural oils stripped away during mechanical manipulation (I.e. Washing, brushing, etc)

All in all good stuff! I’m so excited after years of trying to find an oil that my low porosity hair likes, my search is over!! In this photo I’ve used it before blow drying my hair (followed by sealing my ends with it after twisting my hair).



Have you any of you tried palm oil before?

Well, on my way to the States now to visit my family for the holidays. Wishing everyone a fantastic Sunday!


10 thoughts on “Secret Moisturizing Oil

  1. Hey!! Truly a new thing! Is it red? I have some Palm kernel oil, I believe. I used it in food. I will try it! I had planned to try the regular palm oil. Make sure you get a sustainable brand!

  2. Hi Annabel. So glad you’ve found an oil that works for you. I have some unrefined Palm oil in my cupboard (and yes it’s red). I’ve used it in pre-poos before, but although it made my hair uber soft, it also made an awful mess, and if I remember staining because of the colour. Is it the red one that you use? Would you mind submitting a pic please, and also letting us know the name of the supplier? Thanks in advance. Your hair looks fab and full by the way 😊

    • Hey! So nice to hear from you. I don’t have the red, unrefined PO. As soon as I’m home from vacation, I’ll snap a pic. The supplier is AromaZone. My hair has really changed post-partum (wonk, wonk). Looks thick, but still shedding a bit…

  3. I hate to say this… but have you looked into the extensive environmental damage and humanitarian crimes associated with the palm oil industry?

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