Sharing is Caring

I’m interested in the blogs you follow and the YouTube channels you’re subscribed to. It’s always nice to be introduced to new channels or interesting blogs via word of mouth. Please share your top 5 YouTube channels and/or Blogs in the comments section. I have more than what’s listed below, but thought I’d keep it simple. Here’s mine in no particular order of importance:


Dearnaptural85 – Wholesome, funny and positive family blog. I mostly watch for their adorable 2-year-old. She is seriously the cutest!! Another reason I like this show is that is has an almost Cosby vibe at times. And let’s face it, I haven’t seen a positive image of a family of color like the Cosby on TV in a very long time.

Whatsup Moms – DIY, parodies, simple recipes, adorable kids and more.

Unwritten Rules – I heart this short web series. It’s about corporate workplace politics. The themes often have to do with race. However, they are topics that are presented in a witty and humourous way, bringing light to very important topics. I wish there were more shows like this, covering not only topics do to with race, but also gender issues, ethics, etc.


Smitten Kitchen – Delicious recipes that make my mouth water and funny anecdotes to go along.

Curly Nikki – Curly hair bible and anecdotes about her family and adorable kid.


Now your turn. =)



12 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. I follow vloggers BlakIzBeautyful, Jouelzy, MyNaturalSistas, NikkiMae2003, & GreenBeautyChannel on YouTube. My top 5 but in no particular order. GreenBeautyChannel offers the most hair information I’ve seen since KimmayTube, she does an excellent job of explaining hair. I also follow these ladies on Instagram and many more. Hope this helps.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t keep up with the sites and blogs I like, nor do I follow up with the topics that interest me. Now that I’m deleting Facebook -__- maybe I’ll have time.

    I do like email updates from:
    Smitten Kitchen
    Low Porosity Hair Care
    Primally Inspired
    And a few others.

    I’m actually going to also delete Twitter and Instagram and take a long (or forever) social media break and also an internet and tech break. I have many home projects and life/career work to do.

    • Social media/tech fasts are a healthy thing. I haven’t deleted my FB, but did once in the past and it was a good thing. Now I set limits to how often I check my FB per week. I’m honored to be on your list and look forward to checking out Primally Inspired. Thanks!

  3. Nice, I love Naptural85 Youtube, Ms. Lisa from NapturallyCurly, Black Girl with Long Hair, and the amazing natural and transitioners hair bloggers on WordPress πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ you gals are all awesome, sweet and there to help each other out all the time πŸ˜€

  4. I like DearNaptural85 and Naptural85 too. You are right! It’s sad to say that we don’t see a lot of families of color portrayed in a positive light. I love that they do this very well! πŸ™‚ I like Jouelzy, Natural4Me4C, CoilyHeadChick, Alicia James, and MissT1806. Alicia James and Natural4Me4C have cute families as well. πŸ™‚

  5. I used to watch a lot Fusion of cultures, mahogany curls, naturalneiicy, and also haircrush ! I have recently discovered Jouelzy and I have to say that the vlogs of Abeeutifullife are the most adorable ones ever !

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