Kitchen Chemist at it Again

This is more of a “to be continued” post than an actual post.

I’m so excited for my upcoming post that I just had to write and chat about it. This weekend I will be experimenting with a 3 in 1 treatment: shampoo/conditioner/ and all natural color. I don’t mean that I’ll be using one product that does all the prior mentioned. However, I’m going to do all of those processes in one step. It’ll either be a major success or an utter failure– won’t know until I try it. I’ll be whipping up a 100% natural concotion, to get a deep brown with red undertones. We’ll see how it goes… Look forward to giving you more details soon!

Have you ever tried natural hair color using items from your kitchen? Whipped up any good hair recipes lately?


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Chemist at it Again

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  3. Making my own products has been high on my list of things to do for ages! Rhassoul clay is the first thing I want to try, and adding honey and oil to my conditioner to make a deep conditioning treatment. It’s just finding the time….

    Where did you source the nettles from? Did you just pick them and boil them up?

    • Hi Marie. I hear you on finding time. I think making special treatments a once or once every month type of occassion, makes it easier to implement into my regimen, as there is no way I could find time to do these things weekly.
      I bought ground nettle leaves from an organic shop near me. You could try, if you’re in the US.

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