Real Talk II: Stretch Marks

Pregnancy changes you in so many ways. The first change you notice, above all, is the physical change. It’s a challenging period, where you feel you lose a lot of control over your body. To stay fit and healthy, I exercised through most of my pregnancy, so losing the baby weight was not my main issue. The thing that I was most concerned with during and after my pregnancy was and is stretch marks. I got some pretty severe war scars to show. And while, I know I shouldn’t care, be superficial and should proudly wear my badge of honor, they just make me a little self-conscious. I’ve googled solutions and there are many modern techniques, which help improve the appearance, such as laser surgery. However, since I’m brown-skinned, this type of treatment wouldn’t work for me. I don’t want to go under the knife and would like to find some natural cures to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

I’ve tried cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba, coconut oil, massaging the area, rubbing alien gunk all over my belly– you get my point. Nothing seems to work. They don’t look as harsh as they did after the birth and they have seemed to lighten a bit. However, what I want to know for my female readers who have children, did the appearance get better over time or is it just something we have to live with.

After rigorous searches on the web for dark-skinned tricks for combatting stretch marks and looking through some pregnant vlogger videos–I got nada! This makes me think either people of darker hues, just aren’t falling victim to stretch marks or perhaps they’re just not talking about it.

Have any of your experienced stretch marks? What tricks did you try to fight them and did their appearance improve overtime?

In the meantime, I will be sporting a one piece this summer until I’m a little more comfortable. It’s a good excuse for me to shop for a new bathing suit. I’m excited, because I didn’t realize how many cute bathing suits there are today. Some of my favorites from

Image 1 of ASOS Plunge Halter Swimsuit

Who snatched my edges though?

Pregnancy, that’s who. The dreaded day has come. For a couple of months I thought I had escaped its ugly grip. Thought I’d continue living my life and motherhood with that thick head of hair and intact edges I’d come to appreciate. Think again! postpartum shedding is no joke people. I mean, I literally watched what felt like half my hair collect in my bathtub when I washed my hair two weeks ago. Not gonna lie, I kind of ugly cried.

My hair is still very dense, so it doesn’t look thinned out. However, my temples and edges are really thin. See: that horrifying picture of Naomi Campbell that was going around the web, if you haven’t already. I’ve heard this is normal, as during pregnancy, hormones send your hair into a growth phase and it sheds less. After birth that all changes. It’s kind of scary, I thought at one point, Id emerge from the shower bald.

The thing that bugs me most is the fact that most of the shedding comes from my edges and temples. So for the moment, I’m sporting comb overs, comb forwards and comb all arounds to manage that situation. I don’t pull my hair back completely anymore . And since I don’t really have the time to come up with an anti-shedding regimen for the time being I just use some quick fixes.

So I thought I’d share my quick fixes:

  • Be gentle – try conditioners with a lot of slip or mud wash, finger detangle or just detangle gently.
  • Stretch – Keep your hair in gentle, stretched styles. This makes detangling easier. Wash n gos increase tangles, which could lead to breakage and more shedding.
  • Essential oils and massage – Massage a little diluted peppermint or tea tree essential oils into your temples or throw some in your shampoo or hair wash.
  • Wash regularly – wash your hair once per week. The longer you go between washes the more shed hairs collect. You still probably lose the same amount, but psychologically it’s easier to see less hair go down the drain.
  • Comb over, forward and all around – It’s like a mini-makeover. Suddenly, you’ll have people asking you. Did you do something different with your hair? Why yes, I’ve essentially styled it in a bird nest to hide my balding temples.
  • Relax – Easier said than done. However, if you have a free 10 – 20 minutes per day, use this time to clear your mind and think positive thoughts. I do this just before going to bed and in the shower.
  • Inside out – Drink plenty of water and eat your veggies and fruits
  • Exercise to get increase circulation – I incorporate my baby into my fitness routine (peek-a-boo crunches/sit-ups, 14lb reps with my baby as my weights, long walks with the stroller, squats to calm a crying baby).

Well, pregnancy hair was beautiful while it lasted. I guess I got used to losing only one or two strands of hair during that phase. #youdontknowhowgoodyouhaveituntilitsgone

What do you do to combat postpartum shedding or any shedding for that matter?