Night-time Regimen

How you care for your hair at night has a huge impact on styling your hair the next day and maintaining the health of your hair. I’ve been guilty of sometimes just calling it a day, throwing my hair up and hitting the pillow. However, I usually try to stick to my nightly regimen.

Now, what works for me may not work for everyone and a lot of what one does at night depends on the thickness and length of their hair. During my TWA phase, I simply threw on a satin bonnet or slept on a satin pillowcase. The in-between/awkward phase (i.e. afro mullet phase) was the most difficult for me. A night-time routine that worked for me during that period was to put my hair into multiple “pineapples” or mini pony puffs. The next day, I’d release, fluff and separate. Now that my hair is past the awkward phase –  here is what I do:

My hair is usually in some sort of stretched style (e.g. braid out). I put two braids on both the right and left side of my head to frame my face, then I pin the braids down. The back of my hair, I divide into two sections and make two very loose french braids. When I get to the end of my braid, I usually twist my hair, then pin it to the opposite side. In total that’s 6 braids (four semi-tight in front and two loose in the back). This takes me a total of 5 minutes. If my ends are dry I add a little leave-in and light oil. Throw on a satin scarf and there you have it.

I’ve included pictures of my hair after unraveling my braids on the first day and of my hair on day two. I actually prefer my hair on day two (it’s a little less defined and fluffier than day 1). I tend to like the bed head look.

What is your night-time regimen?

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